In in age where beauty is defined by a plethora of outside factors and influences to include pop culture, media/social media images, and ¬†celebrity figures, why not look within? “Let your natural beauty become YOU” is the mantra that Nubian Accents lives by, urging the “everyday” person to embrace all the nuances of their individual beauty that naturally makes them who they are. The owner, Nadia Perry, has roots in South Carolina, which is not only where she originated but it is the place where natural hair care first planted itself in her heart. In 1999 as a college student at the College of Charleston in Charleston SC, Nadia got her feel for “kinky” hair helping a friend to style her virgin natural hair. That introduction to non-chemical influenced, “heat free” hair piqued her interest and later developed into her becoming one of the campus’ known “natural girls” and stylists while going to school full time…and there the love for it began. 19 years later she has mastered the art of loc maintenance, loc innovations, loc styling and natural hair care. Nevertheless, she continues to educate and challenge herself in an effort to stay current in the natural hair care arena and to add to her repertoire of services.¬†Ever ¬†learning. Ever growing. Ever evolving.

“Natural hair is whatever becomes you”, she says. “There’s no judgment…blow it out, color it, loc it, style it, twist it, braid it, throw a natural unit on it or in it, protect it…everything doesn’t work for everybody. But if you stay true to what is calling out to you, it will always, always read beautifully; compare yourself to NO ONE! Do what feels right to you and own it!” She genuinely believes that as a stylist (or with any gift she uses), her job it to be a light, helping others to see what it is they really possess. “Hair is just one more way I get to help people feel better about themselves”, Nadia mentions. Indeed, it goes without saying that at Nubian Accents with Nadia it’s far more than a “run of the mill” hair appointment…it’s an experience! Book your personalized experience TODAY!